Liverpool St. Station dev.

Clearly not on the wrong side of the tracks, innit?

London’s Liverpool Street Station has been in constant redevelopment, now with the incorporated new Elisabeth Line station.

But the scale of this new redevelopment is something else.

Living in N16, Liverpool St. Station is our nearest big hub for transport. This photo gallery is not the fruit of a specific outing, as most on Eig., but an ongoing documentation; every now and then, I visit with the camera to see it evolve…

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Herzog & de Meuron unveils design images

Architects Journal says: Herzog and de Meuron has revealed its updated proposals for revamping Liverpool Street station, including designs for two over-site towers

New images show the two connected towers sitting above the overhauled station. Sellar, the backer of the wider £1.5 billion refurbishment project along with Network Rail, said the Victorian-era trainshed will be restored but effectively ‘untouched’.

The new buildings, at 21 and 15 storeys tall, will sit above the station and its hotel’s 1990 elements and provide 17,651m² of space for the Andaz hotel (currently occupying the former Great Eastern Hotel building) and 78,038m² of office space, according to Sellar.

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Liverpool Street Station
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