From Peckham to Waterloo

A visit back to South London

When I arrived in London in 1995, I lived with my girlfriend in an old flat in Lewisham Way, near Goldsmith where she studied Drama.

All the people we knew were drama students, and I often shared their experiences and spent many hours in Goldsmith’s theatre rooms, collaborating as a photographer.

South London, especially New Cross, was not precisely a ‘garden of roses’. Poor, dangerous, and forgotten, the area didn’t have much to offer (apart from the university). The only link to London was a train to London Bridge. Some days didn’t work.

28 years later, I took the Overground to Peckham, from there the 135 bust to New Cross, walked Lewisham Way, discovered the new Goldsmith’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, took another bus to Lambeth via Elephant and Castle, and finally walked my way to Waterloo Station through Lower Marsh St.

From Peckham to Waterloo

15 February 2024

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