Bus Route 76

Building galore!

I took the bus route 76 from Stokey to Fleet St, just before The Strand. I knew we will cross The City of London again with its usual jungle of cranes, but nothing prepared me for this extravaganza of lustful excesses, a bacchanal of obscene development, with buildings, past, present and future fighting to get a place on the mosh-pit of this real-estate investment festival (lol!).

Today’s route starts vaguely at Moorgate station, Finsbury Square and a diversion to the back of Liverpool Street, Museum of London, then to St Paul’s Cathedral, Cannon St, Ludgate Hill, Fleet St and finishing my journey before The Strand.

And then back. With the usual pit stop at Liverpool Street Station to keep documenting the evolution of whatever gigantic they are building there.

Bus route 76
11 July 2023

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