Around Mile End Rd.

Bethnal Green, Whitechapel & City of London

This outing originates in Bethnal Green Overground station and drifts, now on buses, now on foot, across Mile End Road, on the border of Bethnal Green (Hackney) and Whitechapel borough, part of Tower Hamlets council, towards the inevitable City of London, a state on its own.

It is and it feels like you are on a border, between the rough end of Bethnal Green and the beginning of Whitechapel. As you approach Aldgate Station, you can see how the how new development is pushing away the current population. Just on the border, the new Canopy Hilton hotel makes a big statement!

“Bangladeshis are the largest ethnic group in Whitechapel, making up 40% of the Whitechapel ward’s total population. The East London Mosque at the end of Whitechapel Road is one of the largest mosques in Europe.

Probably the area’s most prominent art venue is the Whitechapel Art Gallery, founded in 1901 and long an outpost of high culture in a poor neighbourhood. As the neighbourhood has gentrified, it has gained citywide, and even international, visibility and support. From 2005 the gallery underwent a major expansion, with the support of £3.26 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The expanded facility opened in 2009.” 

Says Wiki.

Around Mile End Rd.
21 July 2023

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