Who, what, why when, where?

‘Everybody is gone…’ is a photographic project by Pau Ros exploring the accountancy of living in a big metropolis (London), focusing on the silences, the pauses, the expectations on hold, and the collapse, the unwanted consequences of a broken dream…

Photographic project in progress; started in spring 2023. Published online.

This project wants to expand to open collaborations with other creatives, architects, urban planners, academics, journalists and the public.

Pau Ros is an experienced professional photographer specialising in documenting performing arts, theatre, dance, music, festivals and the arts. He has always been interested in people and society, co-founder of Completely Naked artistic collective, and has previously explored people’s relationships with their social environment, creating participatory interactive art projects based on visual and live arts.

Originally from Barcelona, Pau has lived in London for more than 25 years and has expanded his photographic practice to Visual Communications, including video, web and design.

Pau is an Associate Lecturer at the London College of Communications / UAL.

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